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Entertainment Superpower: the economic dominance of American media and entertainment


There are roughly 130 million television households in Western Europe. In the United States there are roughly 99 million. Western Europe, however, is not a unified market. The United States is.

U.S. broadcasters, therefore, benefit from their economies of scale, and the United States dominates cultural copyright exports to Europe with a sizable trade surplus. In fact, the U.S. media and entertainment sectors are the only American sectors that boast a surplus balance of trade with nearly every nation in the world.

That deserves some kind of attention beyond our obvious and important polemics about these organs' social and cultural benefit.  The U.S. media and entertainment sectors are undervalued assets in the American economic consciousness.

Creative copyright industries always engender a debate as to their cultural and social effect, and they should. But these industries are also the engine of our economic growth. We need to widen our understanding of the nature of our media and entertainment sectors so that our discussions about these sectors' legitimate economic benefit are not overpowered by our outdated ideas about creativity - the engine of our economic growth.

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