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US v. WikiLeaks Data Journalism Project | Update 01/13/13

The US v. WikiLeaks data journalism project illustrates and maps the post 9/11 interagency process and execution of power-- think Top Secret America, but with a plot line-- across every organ of US national power: diplomacy, information, military, economic, finance, intelligence, and law enforcement.

Individual contribution is voluntary and based on what people can contribute-- as well as their areas of interests and expertise.

Currently the main focus right now is on information architecture, user experience, content strategy as well as research and metatorial workflows and input needs.

Our media team will help us to promote our mission.

The project has received healthy interest across disciplines from UX to legal.

The project has two iterations:

1.) Simple upgrade. Cleaning up submission, editorial/metatorial and publishing workflows; building a sound taxonomy; promoting our mission; developing our core team team; project management; and strategy.

The first iteration will be simple and help people ramp up to dealing with the kind of data and narrative we are dealing with.

In most cases, we know what information we need, where to get it, and how that data is best submitted.

2.) Robust upgrade. Develop robust taxonomy, clarify user goals and narratives by content nodes and elements-- that means the relationships within the data, usability, findability. Develop, etc.

We are serious, determined, and passionate.

Submit information to the time line project.

If you are interested in joining our team, [email protected]

Alexa D. O'Brien